Passing Parameters to 511 NY

Here is a description of the parameters that need to be passed. This will not work if custommap is not equal to true and the lats, lons, and zoom levels must be numeric and reasonable. Also, the layers must be valid in a comma delimited list, as mentioned below. There should be no whitespace in the URL. This could cause problems.

Also, there is protection against entering an invalid layer. If something comes close, the layer simply will not work. Finally, if a lat, lon, or zoom level is not numeric or is not in the valid range, 511 NY will perform existing tasks, such as checking for cookies, or displaying the default map.

custommap=true (must be set true in order for any of the other variables to be acknowledged. Otherwise, set to default and ignore)
lat= (valid range -90 to 90)
lon= valid range -180 to 180)
zoom= (valid range 6 to14) 6 is zoomed out all the way, 14 zoomed in all the way.  Start from the top of the zipper and count down from 14
layers= (valid layers are closures,const,inctraffic,inctransit,constTransit,specevt,cctv,messagesigns,crossing,speed,weatheralert,weatherforecast,restareas,geninfo,truckrestrictions) --- this would essentially check all layers on startup