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Help Forming Vanpools

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Employee vanpools are an easy and cost-effective commuter benefit to offer employees. 511NY Rideshare can help you do it—free of charge.

In a vanpool, commuters share a ride in a 7- or 15-person van. Employees’ commitment to the vanpool is on a month-to-month basis, so no long-term commitment is required. Vanpool riders typically live more than 30 miles away from the work site and work fixed hours. Riders whose employers participate in the Commuter Tax Benefit program also can qualify for a pretax benefit of $245 per month for vanpool fares and up to $245 per month for qualified parking.

511NY Rideshare assists employers and employees in forming and operating vanpools, facilitating van delivery and selecting routes and times. Our services include:

  • Surveying employees regarding their commute information
  • Promoting and coordinating vanpool group formation
  • Providing information on vehicle types and fares
  • Explaining the “no-hassle” licensing and registration procedures
  • Explaining the liability-free insurance coverage
  • Explaining the simple vehicle maintenance plan
  • Training drivers and backup drivers
  • Discussing vanpool tips and etiquette
  • Coordinating pickup points and times
  • Providing gas cards and 24-hour customer support

511NY Rideshare offers two vanpool formation options for employers: commuter vanpools and employer vanpools.

Commuter Vanpools

In a commuter vanpool, 511NY Rideshare works directly with employees to form the vanpool. Commuters going to one or more companies in the area will share their ride to work, pay individual monthly fares, establish convenient pickup/drop-off points and determine the best time to leave home for an on-time arrival at work. We will promote the vanpools, identify potential vanpool groups, provide route planning and find new riders when necessary.

Employer Vanpools

In an employer vanpool, 511NY Rideshare works directly with employers to provide a simple vanpool service. We will provide a fully insured vehicle, once the driver has been approved. The employer agrees to pay a monthly rate, based on total monthly mileage, and may charge back some or all of the transportation costs to employees, without profit.

Shuttle Formation

A van can also be used as a shuttle to link your work site to nearby bus or train stations.

For more information on forming a vanpool, email or call 511 and say “Rideshare.”


Our ridematching service focuses on matching drivers and riders. Using our growing database of thousands of travelers, we can help match you with people who have similar starting and destination locations and who have similar travel schedules.

511NY Rideshare matches travelers for potential carpools, vanpools, bike buddies and transit options.

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