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Commuters and Travelers

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A Better Way to Go.

You have travel choices. From carpooling and vanpooling to transit and bicycling, no matter where you live, there are alternatives to driving alone.

511NY Rideshare is your home for ridematching, commuter and traveler services in New York. We manage a database of registered individuals who are ready to share a ride. Register today to find drivers and riders near where you live and work.

A Rewarding Way to Go.

When you share a ride you

  • Save money (on gas, tolls, parking).
  • Gain time to work, read, relax, etc.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Reduce vehicle wear and tear.
  • Contribute to cleaner air, less traffic congestion and a healthier environment.


How does Ridematching work?

When you sign up, you’ll join the thousands of drivers and riders in our online ridematching database. You’ll find people with similar trips as defined by your traveling preferences and are looking for carpool or vanpool partners to share a ride. Go ahead, try it! You’re under no obligation to continue if ridesharing isn’t right for you.


Registration is free, quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to register. Follow these steps:

  1. Register for our ridematching service.
  2. Complete our simple commuter profile. We’ll instantly match you with the best candidates based on your information and preferences. Then you’ll receive a customized list of possible matches.
  3. Review your printable list.
  4. Call or email the people on your match list to arrange ridesharing.
  5. 511NY Rideshare keeps your personal information private. We do not display your home address on other commuters' ridematch lists and we do not distribute your information to other organizations.

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Guaranteed Ride Program

Emergencies and unexpected situations arise. If you or your driver gets sick or cannot pick you up, use 511NY Rideshare’s Guaranteed Ride Program for a free, hassle-free and worry-free ride home. It’s an insurance policy for rideshare participants (limitations apply). If you miss your ride, carpool or vanpool due to an emergency, we’ll pay for you to get home by public transit or taxi. It’s that easy. To learn how to enroll call 511 and say “Rideshare.” Out-of-state travelers can call 888-GO511NY (888-465-1169), select a region (Hudson Valley/Catskills, Long Island, New York City Metro) and then say “Rideshare.”


Calculate Your Commute Costs

Commuter Savings Calculator

Ridesharing Tips and Etiquette

Keep planning, courtesy and flexibility as priorities for successful ridesharing. Here’s how to mind your manners:

  • Contact the people on your ridematch list and let them know you received their names through 511NY Rideshare’s ridematching service.
  • Exchange information with fellow carpoolers, including work, home and mobile phone numbers, emergency contacts and insurance information.
  • Talk specifics and get to know your ridematch partners and their carpooling preferences, including establishing whether participants will share driving responsibilities or drive or ride only.
  • Arrange a drive/ride scenario that is suitable to everyone. Consider whether participants are carpooling daily or part-time and determine backup drivers.
  • Determine pickup and drop-off locations. Park & Ride lots are a great place to meet.
  • Schedule times for pickups and departures. Set a lateness policy for drivers and passengers.
  • Determine sharing costs. If each person in the carpool takes a turn driving, then there is no need for money to change hands. If only one person drives, each rider should contribute a reasonable fare to cover gas, tolls, parking and wear and tear on the driver’s vehicle. According to the Internal Revenue Service, the 2012 standard mileage rate for business miles is 55.5 cents per mile, which you can divide among the passengers.
  • Set ground rules. Agree upfront on personal preferences, such as choice of radio stations, smoking, eating in the car and side trips.
  • Fuel up before picking up passengers, with enough gas for the roundtrip journey.
  • Be on time to meet before and after work. This means everyone, but give each other a five-minute window for unexpected delays.
  • Notify fellow carpoolers a day or more in advance if you will not be riding in the pool. Notify others right away if you are taking a sick day or have a personal emergency.
  • Avoid personal errands or detours.
  • Allow extra time in inclement weather.
  • Drive carefully. Always assure passengers they are in good hands.
  • Maintain your vehicle mechanically and aesthetically, keeping it clean and comfortable.
  • Check your insurance for rider coverage and possible reduction in premiums.
  • Sign up for our Guaranteed Ride Program. If you can't leave with your carpool because of an emergency, you'll always have a way to get to your destination – for free! Take a taxi or transit and we'll reimburse you (limitations apply).
  • Call 511NY Rideshare with any questions about ridesharing, including how to find new carpool partners or the most convenient Park & Ride lots.

Find a Ridematch

Register for our ridematching service to find your travel matches. Registration is free, quick and easy.

Carbon Calculator

You can use the following online calculator to get an estimate of your personal or family’s greenhouse gas emissions and explore the impact of taking various actions to reduce your emissions. Calculate my Carbon Footprint.


Our ridematching service focuses on matching drivers and riders. Using our growing database of thousands of travelers, we can help match you with people who have similar starting and destination locations and who have similar travel schedules.

511NY Rideshare matches travelers for potential carpools, vanpools, bike buddies and transit options.

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