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Carpool Information

Amid high fuel prices, carpooling is a flexible, convenient, less-expensive and friendly way to travel. Carpooling also can reduce vehicle emissions to help clean New York's air. All you need is one or two other people.

Vanpool Information

Vanpooling is convenient and popular, especially if your workplace is far from home. “Official” vanpools have 7 to 15 passengers, including the driver, who usually rides for free. Many services can help employers, commuters and other travelers start or join a vanpool with a common destination.


Park-and-Ride lots can save you money and time. Park at a convenient spot near home and take a carpool or vanpool to a central location. Some lots also have commuter bus and transit connections.

Other Tips

How consumers can save when traveling alone or with others.


Easy to get going!

Free Matching Service - Use our interactive map to identify Ride-share Service Providers in the area where you work or live.


Save Money:

Rider looking out window

Improve Health and Productivity:

Sharing a ride can lower stress for overall better health and can increase productivity by reducing tardiness and absenteeism. Fewer health problems, illnesses and doctor visits can benefit your pocketbook, career and personal life.

Help the Environment:

Every day, millions of vehicles pump pollutants into the atmosphere, adding to global warming and air pollution that cause climate change and lung ailments. Carpooling eases the impact of vehicles on New York’s roads and environment by reducing the number of cars, decreasing traffic congestion and lessening pollution. Also, carpooling in New York's high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes can save time. As a carpooler, you will help us all breathe easier.

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How Does it Work?

Vanpooling is an excellent alternative to driving alone. A vanpool usually consists of 7-15 commuters who:

  • Commute at least 20 miles each way
  • Work a similar schedule
  • Work consistent, regular hours

Vanpoolers travel in a fully equipped and maintained, third-party provided passenger van. In exchange for driving, maintenance and coordination responsibilities, drivers usually travel FREE and may use the van for some personal trips during off-commuting times. Vanpoolers also have access to emergency ride home options and potential parking discounts.

Ride the Bus

Meet with your potential commuting partners to determine compatibility. Some discussion topics:

  • Who drives and when?
  • How often will you ride together, daily, once a week?
  • Where will you meet - a park-and-ride lot, child-care center, at home?
  • What kind of a time limit will you set for waiting?
  • How will you get home in an emergency?
  • Preferences, such as smoking, music, seating.
  • Side trips, if any.
  • Driver's duties, such as filling the gas tank ahead of travel.
  • A specific trial period for the carpool.

Organize or Join Your Vanpool Now!

Save money, time and stress. Read, sleep or work on your way. Organize or Join Your Vanpool Now!

Cut Costs:

Vanpoolers share the costs of operating the van. Each rider pays a monthly fare based on the cost of the vanpool commute. Fares vary depending on the type of van features, commute distance and number of riders. Typically, the average cost for most vanpools is $135-$250 person per month. Some vanpoolers also may qualify for special employer- provided perks at the work site, such as preferred parking, prize drawings, subsidies and more.

Vanpoolers can spend thousands of dollars less each year by not driving alone. The more people in a vanpool, the more they'll save on gas, tolls, insurance and wear-and-tear on personal vehicles. Vanpoolers also can save time by traveling in one of New York’s high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Qualify for a Pre-Tax Benefit:

Employers can offer employees Commuter Tax Benefits on a pre-tax basis. Federal tax code allows tax-free transportation benefits of up to $115 per month per employee for vanpool expenses. Employers can save on payroll-related taxes. Employers pay nothing except minimal costs of program administration. Employees can save on federal and state income taxes.

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Park-and-Ride Locations:

Safe and convenient, park-and-ride locations help commuters park their cars close to home and catch a
carpool, vanpool, bus or train to work. These also are convenient meeting spots for shopping and other
recreational trips. Park-and-ride locations are usually free, although occasionally permits or fees may be required.

Many are along major highways; at locations served by express and commuter bus services; and near commuter rail lines, such as the Metro-North Commuter Railroad and Long Island Rail Road.

Parking spaces are usually available on a "first come" basis. Many locations also have overnight parking in designated spaces, lighting, telephones, bicycle parking and connections to bus transit and commuter rail services. Click on the region or county to find a park-and-ride location near your home or at any point along your commute.

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Other Tips

Do you have to drive alone at times? Want to get the most fuel-efficient vehicle possible? Whether driving
alone or with others, learn some valuable tips for saving The preceding link opens a new window and leaves NYSDOT trusted sites. money when purchasing and using a personal vehicle.

Trying to lower your costs of driving? Need a car for just a few hours or a few days per month? Can't justify the expense of owning a car? Then, consider the Benefits The preceding link opens a new window and leaves NYSDOT trusted sites. of Car Sharing The preceding link opens a new window and leaves NYSDOT trusted sites. which provides an accessible, affordable, convenient and reliable alternative travel option that allows occasional use of a vehicle without having to maintain, insure and park one. Join a car share organization now.

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