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About MY 511NY


511NY is a free service of the New York State Department of Transportation. The information in the 511 NY system comes from many transportation and police agencies in New York and surrounding states.

MY511NY is a free, personalized service on the phone and web that allows you to customize 511NY, your way. Just like 511NY, MY511NY is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any of the nine 511NY Calling Regions.

With MY511NY, you build your own home page or bypass phone menu options to get to the information that you need FAST. Register here to start!

With MY511NY, you define and save up to six traffic trips and six transit trips, with names like "home to work" or "work to gym". You can also sign up for up to six driving time trips for Long Island. Then you can access real-time highway and transit condition information for those trips on the 511NY phone service and

MY511NY on the Phone

On the phone, MY511NY allows you to bypass menu prompts to go directly to current information for your preferred trips. During registration, you can save up to three phone numbers that 511NY will recognize. When calling 511NY, the phone system recognizes MY511NY users via caller ID and immediately asks for the name of a saved trip set-up during MY 511 registration (e.g. "Home to work"). MY511NY will respond with current traffic and/or transit information for your trip.

If your phone number has caller ID blocked, you must say, "MY 511" at the Main Menu. The system will respond by asking you to enter your 10-digit phone number. Upon recognition, MY511NY will ask for one of your trip names and provide the current traffic and/or transit information.

To use MY511NY on the phone, you must create an account. Click here to register.

MY511NY on the Web

On the web, MY511NY allows you to create and view your very own MY511NY personalized home page. During registration, you set up and save your routes for traffic incident information and driving times, public transit trips, and traffic camera views. Once you verify your registration by responding to an e-mail that MY511NY sends you, you will see all your saved trips displayed on your new MY511NY personalized home page. recognizes MY511NY users via a saved username and password. Once signed-in, you are taken directly to your personalized home page. If you choose to stay signed-in to MY511NY, you will automatically be taken to your personalized home page when you visit or MY511NY. There is no need to sign in each time.

You can also manage your MY511NY account on the web, including modifying your personalized home page and preferred trips.

Traffic Features

MY511NY lets you personalize your favorite 511NY traffic features. Traffic features include 1) saving your most frequently traveled trips so you can receive current and traffic and/or transit incidents, and real-time driving times in Long Island, and 2) your favorite camera views.

Transit Features

With MY511NY, you can also create personalized transit trips. Similar to traffic trips, you save your favorite transit trips based on your departure and arrival stops, and by selecting your transit carrier. You can then receive incident and construction impacts for all routes serving those stops.


To register to use MY511NY on both the phone and web, click here. You begin by creating your profile, which includes your username, password, e-mail address, and phone numbers so that MY511NY can recognize you. Next, you decide which traffic and transit features to personalize. Finally, you receive a verification e-mail, which confirms that you are now a registered MY511NY user. Once confirmed, you can begin using MY511NY on the phone or view your personalized home page immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about MY511NY visit our frequently asked questions.